What the Critics Have Said


He brought to the romantic work (Chopin Concerto No.1) the strength for which he is famed and a delicacy showing his deep feeling for the music…immpecably played. – Detroit Free Press


Virtuoso Chopin Concerto.’ David Syme seems to possess just the qualities to give the most brilliant and convincing interpretations. After a stormy beginning of the 1st Piano Concerto of Chopin, in which this pianist used his opportunity to demonstrate his towering virtuosity with sparkling passage work, he came in the slow movement to a poetical rubato, subjectively phrased and of crystalline beauty. His Chopin Concerto is that of a great pianist. – Arnhemse Courant


David Syme is a musician whose playing presents virtuosity, a rubens of the piano, a performer of leaping fire, of sparkling temperament and dedication. – Kölnische Rundshau


His supple playing in Haydn’s well-known D major Sonata made one wish to hear more of this composer in recital programmes…direct, unambiguous approach…great vitality – The Times, London


…but the most thunderous and well-deserved applause of the entire splendid assembly was accorded to David Syme of USA. Not is an very long time has there come forth such an outstanding artist, whose knowledgeable playing has so taken by storm the rapt attention of the public. His name will now frequently be repeated in Warsaw’s cultural circles… – Zycie Warszawy


He offered the Sonata in D Major by Haydn, presenting a fluid interpretation of a perfect clarity while conveying the classical serenity of the composer. The Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante, Op. 22 of Chopin belongs to the piano literature of glamorous romanticis…it is at all times superbly effective, and was a fine vehicle to give full evidence of Syme’s technical qualities, which are truly remarkable, and consistently maintained by him as a contributory to musical expression. A particularly favorable impression was inspired by the Liszt Etudes, pieces which few pianists are capable of mastering with the ease evident in the presentation of the young American pianist who certainly has a brilliant career before him. – La Prealpina, Varese